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Welcome to Luminous Flintridge

Elevate Your Wellness with Med Spa Transformations

Welcome to Luminous Flintridge, your premier Medical Spa nestled in La Cañada Flintridge! We offer a wide range of rejuvenating services and treatments, including Botox, Fillers, Microneedling, Laser therapies, Laser Hair Removal, Body Contouring, and IV Hydration. At Luminous Flintridge, we’re dedicated to bringing beauty and wellness to LA.

Utilizing the latest advancements in technology and products, our skilled practitioners ensure that you receive the highest standard of care. Our approach is truly personalized – we collaborate with you to design a tailored treatment plan and home regimen that caters to your unique needs. Whether you seek immediate aesthetic enhancements or sustained results over time, Luminous Flintridge is your go-to destination for optimal well-being and radiant beauty.

Embrace Your Youth: Beauty Strategies for a Fresh Perspective

Beauty Secrets

Discover a New Level of Confidence

Tap into Your Authenticity

Step into a realm of rejuvenation and renewal at Luminous Flintridge. Unlock a journey where transformation meets tranquility, and discover a new level of confidence within yourself. From revitalizing skincare treatments to indulgent wellness experiences, our expert team is dedicated to crafting bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs. Embrace the harmony of mind, body, and spirit as you embark on a path to radiant beauty and inner balance. Elevate your self-care routine and awaken your senses at our sanctuary of serenity. Experience the transformative power of self-love and emerge radiant, refreshed, and empowered. Discover your true essence at Luminous Flintridge.

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Reimagining your potential 

Fotona's cutting-edge laser technology enhances aesthetic treatments with tailored energy delivery and the Skinlight system's dual-wavelength approach. Er:YAG lasers target superficial lesions and tighten skin, while Nd:YAG lasers reach deep structures like hair follicles and veins. With VSP technology, various modes enable thermal treatments and skin rejuvenation. Fotona lasers ensure optimal results, empowering individuals to achieve their aesthetic goals efficiently.

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Your Beauty and Beyond 

Advancements in cosmetic technology, notably laser hair removal, offer effective and popular solutions for eliminating unwanted body hair. With over 1 million people opting for this treatment in 2011 alone, satisfaction rates are high, with nearly 9 in 10 individuals experiencing permanent hair reduction. Laser hair removal is suitable for most people bothered by unwanted hair on various body areas and is effective on many skin types. Typically requiring at least 6 sessions for significant reduction, the treatment offers progressively lighter and finer hair growth with each session, with occasional touch-ups for long-term maintenance.

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A New Beginningu.

Body contouring is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes and tones the body by addressing loose or sagging skin and tissues, often due to factors like weight loss or aging. Candidates must have stabilized weight and be in good health. The procedure involves multiple evaluations and may require multiple surgeries. Post-surgery care includes specific instructions and commitment to a healthy lifestyle for long-term results, which may take up to a year to fully manifest.


The power of IV Infusions

IV hydration therapy delivers fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream through a vein catheter to treat dehydration and replenish electrolytes. It's crucial for severe dehydration, inability to drink orally, and certain medical conditions. Benefits include quick rehydration and electrolyte balance restoration, with safety reliant on trained professionals' administration. Despite its benefits, IV hydration requires caution and medical supervision for safety and effectiveness. 

Experienced and dedicated

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Pauline Holmberg, MD

Dr. Holmberg is an Ivy League trained emergency medicine physician recognized for her meticulous attention to detail and her commitment to patient satisfaction. After completing her residency at Yale University, she has since accumulated years of hands-on experience at local hospitals and clinics in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Holmberg’s passion for holistic wellness and her vast knowledge in the field make her an invaluable asset to our leadership team.








Med Spa

Convenient and Accessible

We look forward to welcoming you to our family. Our Spa is warm and inviting. You will always be greeted with a smile and treated with utmost dignity and respect. You will play an active role in your treatment, and your voice will be heard when you have questions or concerns.

Explore Before and After Gallery

Celebrating Remarkable Results

Step into the radiant realm of Luminous Flintridge’s gallery section, where beauty and wellness intertwine in a symphony of artistry. Nestled within our sanctuary, the gallery is a testament to the fusion of aesthetic elegance and holistic healing. With every step, immerse yourself in a curated collection that celebrates the interplay of light, color, and tranquility. From ethereal paintings that evoke a sense of inner radiance to sculptural masterpieces that embody the essence of rejuvenation, each piece invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Let the luminous ambiance of our gallery envelop you, as you explore the transformative power of art in harmony with the healing touch of Luminous Flintridge Med Spa.


Sign up for any of our Memberships today and book your first appointment.  You will take home an exclusive goodie bag of samples of our newest products and be offered a one-time opportunity to purchase a package of 3 or 6 FOR ANY TREATMENT at a 10% percent discount!

Luminous Lite: $99.00 a month

  • Botox at $11 per unit, Dysport at $4 per unit (cannot combine with other Botox or Dysport specials)
  • $100 off of the list pricing of all fillers all the time (cannot combine with other filler promotions)
  • 5% discount on all services and packages.

Luminous Beauty: $149.00 a month

  • Botox at $11 per unit, Dysport at $4 per unit (cannot combine with other Botox or Dysport specials)
  • $100 off of the list pricing of all fillers all the time (cannot combine with other filler promotions)
  • Account credit of $50 a month to apply to single services, products, or services.  Credits can roll over month to month during the membership and will be available for three months following.
  • 10% discount on all services and packages.
  • Double the Happy Hour discounts (cannot combine with other specials)
  • Birthday Treat: One complementary Forma, Lumecca or Evo or Skin Pen microneedling treatment to the face and neck during your birthday month! Upgrade to a PRP treatment for $200.

Luminous VIP: $400.00 a month

  • Enjoy all of the benefits of “Luminous Beauty” Membership, plus:
  • Botox at $10 per unit, Dysport at $3.50 per unit
  • Enjoy an additional $100 a month credit to your account
  • Quarterly select one of the following:
    • One free service from Diolaze (medium area, or upsize to large for $50)
    • Forma (one area, upsize to two for $75)
    • Lumecca (one area, upsize to two for $75)
    • Chemical peel (face)
    • 25% discount on series package of 3 or 6 for EvolveX Transform (for 1 treatment area) OR
    • Any treatment or special priced at $400 or less for free!
  • Enjoy and additional 10% discount on post products (cannot apply with other specials or discounts).
  • Birthday Treats:  Double your “Luminous Beauty” Birthday treatment(s) or upgrade your treatment for a combination of Forma, Lumecca or Evo or Skin Pen!  Use PRP treatment upgrade as a second treatment.

In addition, all memberships offer:

  • Loyalty Points: Unlock other membership benefits by earning loyalty points for every dollar that you spend.   If you maintain your membership for six months, get the seventh month free!
  • Enhance your spend with Alle or Inspire memberships!
  • Seasonal Promotions: Get first dibs on limited and exclusive products, promotions, and events including Happy Hour bookings.
  • Refer a Friend or Bring a Friend Happy Hour and Discount Days: Refer your friend and have your friend complete a treatment for a value of $200 or more or have your friend join you to participate in Happy Hour treatments and obtain a complementary $50 monthly or same day treatment credit.
  • Receive free consultation on all services and products.

Rules and Conditions:

  • All memberships are for a minimum commitment of four months.
  • Patients hereby accept and acknowledge that memberships are not transferable and still will require a review for risks, completion of informed consent, following of pretreatment and post treatment instructions, and use of benefits during the term of your membership. Membership benefits have collective value. If you are unable to receive a membership benefit because of an associated medical risk or existing condition, Luminous Flintridge will work with you to find a more suitable treatment and offer in like kind services.

Silver Membership

$ 169
00 Monthly
  • 3 Month Commitment
  • 1 visit per month
  • 5% off all additional services

VIP membership

$ 149
00 Monthly
  • 6 Month Commitment
  • 1 visit per month
  • 10% off all additional services

gold Membership

$ 169
00 Monthly
  • 3 Month Commitment
  • 1 visit per month
  • 5% off all additional services
Microneedling Package - Buy 3, Get 1 Free
Purchase a package of three microneedling sessions and receive the fourth session for free. This promotion is ideal for clients looking to maximize their skin rejuvenation results over a series of treatments.
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Botox Special - $10 per Unit (Regular Price $12)
Take advantage of our Botox special at just $10 per unit, reduced from the regular price of $12. Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with this limited-time offer and achieve a more youthful appearance.
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Filler Frenzy - $100 Off Any Filler Treatment
For a limited time, enjoy $100 off any filler treatment. Whether you're looking to enhance your lips, cheeks, or smooth out deeper lines, take advantage of this special offer to achieve your desired look at a reduced price. Book your appointment today to get started on your journey to a more youthful appearance.
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